Ned Bingham
Resume, Curriculum Vitae

Blaze Game Engine (C++)

A rendering engine for large randomly generated planets. The planet is an icosohedron (2o triangles) where each side is subdivided and random heights added as the player gets closer to the surface.

Standard Core (C++)

A standard library unintentionally grown over the course of 14 years. In particular, this library implements generic slices by wrapping any container of iterators.

A library for fast-many variable boolean operations. This encodes four-valued variable using two bits (00 is error, 01 is false, 10 is true, and 11 is unknown), packing 16 variables into a single integer so they can be operated on in parallel.

A text summary tool that extracts a vector of nouns or topic from a sentence then calculates the semantic distance between the topics of two sentences. A four-sentence window is slid over the text producing a graph of topic distance in which local minima represent paragraph boundaries. Summary sentences that best cover the topic are selected from each paragraph and concatenated allowing for the process to be repeated.

A recipe website that calculates the ingredients that are more likely to be in a recipe with the list of ingredients you have already selected.

A friend and I made four small neuron toys that can be connected together to form a simple neural network. Upon firing, a large set of LEDs along the axon and dendrites light up in sequence to show the depolarization as it travels from one neuron to the next.